Funny thing about that - I once met Dan Didio while standing in line at Baltimore Comicon.  I was with a group of my friends, mostly guys, and he was handing out black lantern rings, as this was around the time of the lead-up to Blackest Night.  He gave rings to all the guys and skipped me until one of my guy friends got his attention and got him to give me one. 

Women: they literally don’t exist in Dan Didio’s eyes. 


Ugh. I was very forgiving of it at the time, but I am less so now (AGE BREEDS CYNICISM)- the one time I met him, at Heroes Con, he did sort of make me uncomfortable several times. Most specifically when he asked what the first comic we ever read and I said “Archie” (which is truthful, like an eight-year-old girl (the first comics I ever got) would be given DC Comics the way they are now) and he gave me this weird look, it really embarrassed me (I am easily embarrassed). Also acted sort of over it when I asked questions about Steph (she had just come back at the time).

He was generally pretty condescending to me (I was sixteen at the time, definitely the youngest person in the room who was not a kid someone bought along), but I was forgiving because he was a lot nicer than I thought he would be

Jann Jones was super brill though, she made time for me at that panel to talk to me and always acted very interested in what I had to say and later even mentioned me in her DC Nation column.

She is no longer working for DC, btw.

It was two opposing attitudes- she thought my input was valuable because I was a young girl, and he clearly thought I was to be dismissed because of it.

It’s not my story to recount, but a friend of mine was once visiting a friend of ours who worked at DC at the time (perhaps unsurprisingly, she no longer does), and was waiting for the friend in the friend’s office. The door was open and she heard Dan Didio ask who the [incredibly derogatory and rude and offensive term I won’t repeat because as I said, it’s not my story to tell, and also I refuse to repeat what he said] waiting in [friend’s] office was.

I have never had anything but contempt for him as a human being since I heard that story years ago, because nobody worth respecting ever uses that language about somebody, no matter what the circumstances.

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