The DC Comics panels at SDCC have been filled with what I being told are uncomfortable and awkward moments around the issues of female creators and characters.

Much of this is being driven by a woman attending the DC panels with her young daughter. From people I’ve spoken to the daughter is a tweener — under 14.  The woman is dressed at Batgirl; her daughter as Spoiler. Here’s Comics Alliances reporting on the incident I reported via CBR last night:

On female characters in the Justice League line: A female fan in a Batgirl costume, with daughter dressed as Spoiler, was very upset by what she said was a lack of female characters being featured centrally on the covers in the Justice League line of books. The panelists said they are trying very hard to take diversity seriously in terms of both gender and race. The fan said no such characters were featured prominently on the covers, leading to a somewhat heated and awkward back-and-forth ending with her promising to go count them. The mood of the room was definitely against her, with Lee joking and asking if she wanted the female characters to be “dead center or off-center” on covers.

I heard it was very uncomfortable and the room was aggressively against her. Anyone there to confirm?

Today they showed up at another panel. It was uncomfortable again. David Uzumeri of Comics Alliance said it was the single most awkward panel he’s ever sat in on. I can see why from his story:

On Female Creators: The same Batgirl-clad fan who made appearances at many DC panels over the weekend asked why there aren’t more female creators on DC titles. DiDio said that DC Comics hires the best writers and artists they can, to much applause from the audience.

A huge round of applause, I heard. And certainly not in support of the woman.

Morrison quipped that he looks great in a dress, to which the questioner responded, “I appreciate you trying to brush me off.” Morrison then encouraged women in the audience to submit their work to DC.

CBR reports it this way:

A fan dressed as Batgirl who had been at every DC panel over the weekend asked whether the publisher was committed to hiring more women. Didio said that they were working to put the best talent possible on the books. Morrison asked, “Do more women want to write DC superheroes?” and when many female fans responded “Yes!” he simply added “Then send your stuff in.”

They hire the best. Ah, there’s your answer. And they certainly must know who the best female creators are, right?

Here’s Didio Thursday night:

Now I come to you — what do we have to do for you to change your mind?”

“Hire more women. You went from 12% women to 1% women.”

“Who should we have hired?” DiDio demanded.

Didio was also asked about female characters at the 52 panel today, here’s the exchange via Newsarama:

First Fan is asking about the status of the “missing” DC female characters, and in general asking how is DC behind female characters?
11:53 DiDio “Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Dove, female leads in every team book”

“I’d like to match up female leads in our books up against any other company out ther, I think we have the best percentage out there

I appreciate the effort of this woman and her daughter and if anyone sees her thank her for bringing up these questions.

This is so fucking vile I want to throw up and cry. Fuck Didio. And fuck Johns and Morrison and Lee, all of whom I’ve had positive experiences with in the past, but who are now all opting to participate in the silencing and dismissal of anyone female who wants to even think about DC Comics for a brief moment. 

My tumblr dash is full of Korra today, which just makes it even more fucking obvious how irrelevant and ridiculous and utterly repulsive DC Comics are these days.