I’ve written like five different captions here but none capture how fucking important monsters like Tomie are.

Oh you scamp.

Oh you scamp.


let’s start a “queer kids identifying with monsters and villains because we grew up watching queercoded bad guys in every show and movie” club

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In case the title wasn’t an absolutely obvious giveaway, the Jade and Rose story is inspired by the Aesop fable, particularly the Beatrix Potter version of it, which is titled The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.

In case the title wasn’t an absolutely obvious giveaway, the Jade and Rose story is inspired by the Aesop fable, particularly the Beatrix Potter version of it, which is titled The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.

Mary you look like a country rose I feel like I should be chaperoning you to dances to fend off eager young lordlings

Let’s be real I’m gonna sneak upstairs during the waltz and let the wife out of the attic and never be invited back. D- chaperon skills Erinna. 



The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse page 2 - written by Mary Borsellino and drawn by magnoliapearl!

YEAH!!! I’m pretty proud of this page. I think Jones is going to like it. :3

*ROLLS AROUND IN THE CUTENESS FOREVER* it’s PERFECT. oh man the page even got ALT TEXT I’m beaming in joy. 

Feeling crummy means dress-ups for Marys. Luckily, a bunch of the cosplay stuff that Eris and I ordered before circumstances changed arrived today. Please excuse my shitty eyebrows and the shitty lacing job on the bodice and my shitty face and shitty wig styling and just, excuse everything, yeah. 

(Wig and bodice are new; hairclip, necklace and blouse were already owned by me) 

So long as I confine my activities to social service and the blind, they compliment me extravagantly, calling me ‘arch priestess of the sightless,’ ‘wonder woman,’ and a ‘modern miracle.’ But when it comes to a discussion of poverty, and I maintain that it is the result of wrong economics—that the industrial system under which we live is at the root of much of the physical deafness and blindness in the world—that is a different matter! It is laudable to give aid to the handicapped. Superficial charities make smooth the way of the prosperous; but to advocate that all human beings should have leisure and comfort, the decencies and refinements of life, is a Utopian dream, and one who seriously contemplates its realization indeed must be deaf, dumb, and blind.

Helen Keller (letter to Senator Robert La Follette, 1924)

funny how the most popular narrative about helen keller is a harmless little girl who learns to communicate and then the story ends for some reason gee i wonder why that is

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Gee. Why does the popular narrative end before she became a communist? So strange! And the Martin Luther King Jr. narrative does the same thing! What a coincidence!

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Also, that the narrative is generally about the abled teacher helping her and how amazing she was to be able to do it.  As the wikipedia article frames it: “The story of how Keller’s teacher, Anne Sullivan, broke through the isolation imposed by a near complete lack of language, allowing the girl to blossom as she learned to communicate, has become widely known through the dramatic depictions of the play and film The Miracle Worker.”  So even the story about Helen Keller is often not really about her.

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Helen Keller is a glaring example of it, but history’s dominant narratives are full of women whose stories are depoliticised and infantilised in order to make them more “inspirational”.  

A current example: when Malala Yousafzai is the brave little girl who just wanted to learn, she’s the world’s darling, but when she tells Obama that drone strikes are driving terrorism the cameras all turn off. 

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It’s a date.


Been waiting a year to post this.


Been waiting a year to post this.

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wow armin looks so different in snk season 2

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Fanart by Garama.



image image

"Intravenous with the Vampire" artist: Mort Drucker, writer: Stan Hart

This was one of the first fanarts I ever saw of IWTV, just didn’t know it existed before. You can blame this for my sense of humor. I’m seeing that Mad magazine was a big influence for me… siiiigh… 

Full "Intravenous" under the cut. Thanks to Sara for scanning!

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OH MY GOD. I was obsessed with this when I was fourteen and reading my way through everything vampire I could get my hands on. There was about an eight month gap between the beginning of my obsession and when a combination of parents away for the weekend + dressing up older than I was allowed me to obtain and watch the VHS of interview from a local kmart, and in that time this comic was like a tiny, distorted sliver of a view into a room I desperately wanted to visit. I’m SO excited to see it online.